Immersive Night Walk - Opening 2024

Where the Forest Glows

and folktales grow

The Old Owen Ranch

In 1877, The Amos Owen Family began to homestead a large tract of land in the hills above the White River. They had come in search of a long-lost Spanish Mine rumored to contain treasure. The Owen Family settled into working the land and excavating the old mines that they found. They began noticing strange lights illuminating the forest at night. The longer they worked the mine, the stranger their nightly surroundings were becoming, all of which they recorded in their Journal.

On the Winter Solstice Eve of 1885, they apparently found more than they were looking for. Neighbors for miles around heard explosions and saw brightly colored lightning in the clouds above their ranch. The next day, the homestead was found destroyed with no trace of the Owens.

A New Generation of Exploration Begins!

In 2011, Travis Sunday, a controversial physicist and explorer, inherited the long-abandoned Owen Ranch property and the family journal. Along with his wife, Maria, and their children, he moved his family to Branson, setting out to investigate the strange disappearance of the Owen family and the unusual phenomenon reported in their journal.

After years of work, Travis partnered with Enigma Scientific to finally explain the strange anomalies found throughout their property. Now the Sundays are opening their ranch to the public so everyone can see for themselves what is revealed during Ozark Nights.

Ozark Nights Immersive Mystery Walk

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